Project Spotlight

Time-Critical Retail Logistics

Navigating Delays and Strikes to Guarantee a Major Retailer had Stock Availability for Special Week.


The primary objective was to unpack TVs from containers, palletise them based on specific requirements for each Distribution Centre, and ensure their delivery before the deadline.


Major Retailer

At Clenton's Transport, we specialise in handling high-pressure logistics projects. This case study details our involvement in a critical operation to guarantee the availability of the TVs in stores for a highly anticipated Special Week.

Despite encountering many logistical challenges, our dedicated team ensured the successful execution of this operation.


Terminal Strikes

Strikes at the DPW Terminal led to significant delays in container collection.

Vessel Delays

Unscheduled vessel delays compressed the already tight timeline for delivery.

Weekend Delivery

Coordinating weekend deliveries posed logistical and staffing challenges.

1. Accelerated Unpacking

We expedited the unpacking process to counteract the delays caused by terminal strikes and vessel delays, ensuring a quicker turnaround.

2. Driver Assistance

Deployed our own drivers and tautliners to assist with deliveries, guaranteeing that all TVs were delivered on schedule.

3. Enhanced Coordination

Implemented 24/7 operations and worked closely with the customer and logistic partners to manage weekend and after-hours deliveries effectively.

Our Solution

We effectively overcame significant logistical challenges, including terminal strikes, vessel delays, and weekend delivery coordination, to ensure timely delivery of TV’s to a major supermarket Distribution Centres across Sydney.

This strategic and proactive approach guaranteed that the TV’s were available in stores for the highly anticipated Special Week, showcasing our commitment to reliability and client satisfaction.

The Result

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