Oversized &
Out of Gauge Cargo

Comprehensive handling for loads that exceed the dimensions or weight for a standard container.

Unique Logistics for Unique Requirements

At Clenton's Transport, we specialise in handling complex oversized and out-of-gauge cargo. Whether it's large machinery, vehicles, construction materials, pipes, wind turbine blades, or airplane wings, we'll simplify your logistics from start to finish.

Our service covers everything from wharf cartage and unpacking to redelivery of your cargo and our expert team guarantee a focus on safety, efficiency, and compliance.


Beyond Movement & Handling

We manage all aspects of the process, including obtaining necessary permits, route planning, and ensuring escort vehicles are available when required.

Our team understand the unique challenges your cargo and will plan every step, utilising our state-of-the-art lifting equipment and vehicles specifically suited for out-of-gauge cargo. You can rely on clear communication, giving you peace of mind from pickup to delivery.


Why Choose Clenton's Transport?

Specialist Equipment

Our investment in cutting-edge lifting equipment means we can handle the heaviest and most awkwardly shaped cargo with ease.

Bespoke Solutions

Through strategic route management and optimized operations, we ensure you receive a seamless service that covers all your needs.

Hands-On Management

Our hands-on approach ensures every job receives a personal touch. This guarantees we deliver a reliable and timely service.

24/7 Operations

Whether it's a last-minute job or a routine shipment, our round-the-clock operations mean we’re always ready and available.

Need a Oversized & Out-of-Gauge Solution?

Sector Specific Transport & Storage Solutions

Our team has forged strong relationships creating tailored services for a variety of sectors. We're committed to delivering efficient, reliable solutions, no matter the cargo.