LCL Storage & Warehousing

Seamless Storage & Distribution – Strategically Positioned for the Greater Sydney & NSW Demands.

Open Air Secure Storage

At Clenton’s Transport, we offer a specialised solution for storing robust cargo like construction materials and heavy machinery. Our outdoor facility is a cost-effective choice for items that withstand outdoor conditions and our security measures ensure the safety of your cargo.

Our experienced team will efficiently unpack containers, sort and store your cargo as needed, and coordinate delivery when you're ready for it.


Custom-Fit Warehousing

We’ve mastered the art of efficient warehousing. Whether short-term or long-term, if you need an efficient storage strategy - leave it to us.

With our team of skilled operators and a state-of-the-art 10,000 sqm facility, we are ready to take on any challenge and provide complex storage, retrieval, and distribution solutions.


Pick-Pack Services

Our 3PL warehousing services go beyond just storing items. Our custom pick-pack solutions guarantee accuracy, speed, and efficiency. Your product is picked, packed, and prepared for dispatch by our skilled team.

Combine this with our 24/7 haulage operations, and we’ll ensure that your goods are not just stored efficiently, but also transported to their destination without delay.


Why Choose Clenton's Transport?

Tailored Solutions

Our 3PL services adapt and scale to your needs. Whether you're a small business or a large enterprise, we’ll provide a solution built for you.

Integrated Services

Combine our 3PL warehousing with our transport and sideloader services for a seamless, end-to-end storage and distribution solution.

Safety First

Every item in our warehouse is treated with utmost care. Our team understand the value of your goods, and our processes reflect that.

24/7 Operations

Just like our transport services, our 3PL warehousing operations run around the clock, ensuring that your business never has to wait.

Need a LCL Storage & Warehousing Solution?

Sector Specific Transport & Storage Solutions

Our team has forged strong relationships creating tailored services for a variety of sectors. We're committed to delivering efficient, reliable solutions, no matter the cargo.