Containerised Rail Freight

Full-Service Container Transport from Sydney to your Destination via Road and Rail.

Seamless Logistics Door to Door

At Clenton's Transport, we've redefined what a Sydney-based operator can do with our Containerised Rail Freight service. Teaming up with Aurizon, our newly established neighbours at Glenlee Intermodal, we’re uniquely positioned to provide a container transport solution that covers every stage of your cargo's journey beyond NSW.

  • SYD - PER Operating once per week.
  • MEL - SYD - BNE Operating once per week.

Our expert team, Aurizon's rail network, and our trusted partner carriers will create a stress-free solution that transforms the way you move goods across Australia.


Navigating Key Freight Corridors

We understand the intricacies of multimodal logistics and that's why we've partnered with an industry leader like Aurizon.

By engaging trusted carriers to operate on our behalf outside of NSW, we can provide seamless integration of road and rail freight extending reach across key Australian transport corridors giving you a safe, efficient, comprehensive rail-to-door solution.


Why Choose Clenton's Transport?

Pre-Rail Storage

Utilise our storage facilities to securely house your goods ensure your cargo is safely stored and ready for it scheduled rail departure.


Our sideloaders, guarantee efficient loading and transportation from your business to the rail depot or our secure stoarage facility.

Hands-On Management

From collection, to rail transit, to final delivery. We oversee each phase, coordinating with trusted carriers for a worry-free process.

24/7 Operations

Our round-the-clock operations are perfectly aligned with rail freight schedules, ensuring that we are ready to move without delay.

Need a Containerised Rail Freight Solution?

Sector Specific Transport & Storage Solutions

Our team has forged strong relationships creating tailored services for a variety of sectors. We're committed to delivering efficient, reliable solutions, no matter the cargo.