Sector Solutions

Food & Perishable Goods

Bespoke Container Transport & Storage Solutions That Keep Your Products Fresh and Secure.

Temperature-Controlled Logistics

At Clenton's Transport, we specialise in providing custom transport & storage solutions that preserve the integrity and freshness of your perishable products.

Our seasoned team will assess your unique requirements and construct a comprehensive supply-chain solution that’s custom-fit for your operation.


Specialist Solutions

Our solutions are designed to meet the critical needs of the Food & Perishable Goods sector:

Reefer Storage: Our cutting-edge reefer facilities provide precise temperature management, ensuring your goods remain fresh.

Rapid Transport: We guarantee quick, efficient handling and transportation to preserve your cargo.

Adaptive Services: Our services adapt and scale to meet your needs including seasonal variations or last-minute orders.


Need a Food & Perishable Goods Solution?