Write-up On Our PBS-Approved A-Double Combination

January 2020

We were recently featured in the number 1 place for truck and trailer equipment news, Trailer Mag, as a forward thinking business that embrace Performance Based Standards for increased efficiencies, and we couldn’t agree more! 

Higher productivity on the double” ~Trailer Magazine. See the full article here.  

Amazing to read about how Jason Clenton, Managing Director of Clenton’s Transport, gradually supplanted the airfreight focused business as started by his father, Gregory Clenton, around 15 years ago to a container carting business over the past 8 years since he came onboard. 

The desire to move towards high-productivity freight vehicles led Jason’s application to the NHVR to be granted route approval for 85 tonne GCM 30-metre A-doubles from Port Botany to Smeaton Grange, a distance of about 60km, the first in New South Wales. Surely, getting an approval for 85 tonnes is assured as long as you do everything that is required with regards to mass management. 

With the purchase of the latest Freighter PBS-approved A-double combination from MaxiTRANS, a leader in PBS Solutions and the largest supplier in providing a personalised and agile solutions in New South Wales, Clenton’s Transport productivity and efficiency is definitely on the double.  

An absolutely amazing feature of this latest Freighter A-double combination is the rigid drawbar dolly which makes the combination track much better while reducing the whip at the rear of the second trailer.  

Jason, “Also, under braking it doesn’t nosedive like pivoting drawbar dollies can and it just makes the whole combination feel more like one trailer rather than two.”. These improvements are also evident whether the trailers are empty or fully loaded and anywhere in between.  

We are definitely ecstatic with the Freighter PBS-approved A-double combination that is greatly adding to our business!   

We wanted to be part of something new and fresh that hasn’t been done before and we’re definitely reaping the benefits from the investment.” ~Jason Clenton.