A-double skel combinations truck.


We were recently covered twice in the largest supplier of locally manufactured, high quality heavy road transport trailer solutions –

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An Awesome 40 FT Retractable Skel

“A smart unit.”

“Utilised one of the recently built stock units.”

 “Worked with service team to get to the right specifications

Retractable Skel offers exceptional manoeuvrability and ease of unloading. With MaxiTRANS’ combined 70 years+ of knowledge and capacity applied in creating our remarkable 40 ft. Retractable Skel, we ensure that your transports are on time, safe, and reliable.

Fighter Freighter PBS A-Double Skel Combination

Clentons transport maxi trans feature.

“Delivering the good in an efficient manner”

Performance Based Standards (PBS) is Australia’s heavy vehicle scheme designed to offer the heavy vehicle industry the potential to achieve higher productivity and safety through innovative and optimised vehicle design. Partnering with a leader in PBS Solutions, MaxiTRANS who has more than 40 engineers, our Freighter PBS A-Double Skel Combination is a fighter in delivering greater payloads while
complying with all regulations.

Thank you MaxiTRANS team for supplying high quality units to
us here at Clenton’s Transport! It is an honour to partner with the largest
supplier in providing a personalised and agile solution to our clients. 

For on time and professional:

  • Import container transport from Port Botany to the Greater Sydney area;
  • Export container transport from across the Greater Sydney area and transport to Port Botany; and,
  • Sydney container transport

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