Project Spotlight

Bulk Resin Logistics

Advanced Storage and Transport Solutions - Elevating a manufacturer’s Bulk Resin Operations.


Our goal was to boost the efficiency of thier bulk resin tipping process, cut down on contamination, and provide a large-scale container storage solution and smooth multi-leg transport operations.


Chemical Manufacturing / Bulk Resin

Clenton's Transport partnered with a plastic container manufacturer to enhance their bulk resin tipping and storage solutions.

By addressing inefficiencies, safety concerns, and scalability needs, we implemented automated processes, optimized storage, and streamlined multi-leg transport operations, resulting in improved efficiencies and reduced waste.


Need for Scaleability

Rapid growth required scaling up our yard and workforce to meet demands.

Storage Issues

Storage facilities were inadequate for maintaining the quality of the resin.

Complex Logistics

Multi-leg transport operations to ensure deliveries coincide with production.

1. Scalability & Planning

We developed scalable plans and infrastructure to support their current needs and future growth projections. This included expanding our yard and increasing our workforce to handle increased demand efficiently.

2. Optimised Storage Solution

Implemented advanced storage solutions to maximize space utilization and maintain the quality of the resin. This involved automated storage systems that reduced the risk of contamination and improved handling efficiency.

3. Efficient Multi-Leg Transport

  • Coordinated transitions between different stages of the supply chain to ensure smooth operations.
  • Ensured timely and secure deliveries, maintaining the integrity of the resin throughout the supply chain.
  • Utilised advanced tracking technology to monitor shipments in real-time, ensuring timely delivery and providing transparency to Secon.

Our Solution

Through our strategic partnership, Clenton's Transport successfully tackled their bulk resin tipping, storage, and transport challenges.

By implementing scalable plans, advanced storage solutions, and efficient multi-leg transport operations, we significantly improved operational efficiencies and reduced contamination events.

Our comprehensive approach not only supported their growth but also ensured the integrity and quality of the resin throughout the supply chain. This project showcases our commitment to delivering tailored, high-impact solutions that drive client success.

The Result

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