Project Spotlight

Freight Cost Optimisation & Transport

Cutting Freight Costs and Boosting Reliability for an Automotive Accessories Leader.


Our primary objective was to secure better freight forwarding rates and develop streamlined transport solutions to enhance cost efficiency and reliability for the importer.


Automotive Accessories

At Clenton's Transport, we specialise in creating logistics solutions that cater to specific industry needs.

This case study showcases how we helped a prominent automotive accessories company drive down their costs and provide a transport solution that they could rely on.


High Shipping Costs

Agreed freight forwarding rates were too high, affecting Client's profitability.

Low Transport Reliability

Inconsistent transport solutions were causing delays in the supply chain.

1. Strategy Development

Our team conducted a thorough analysis of the Client's shipping and transport needs, devising a comprehensive strategy to address their supply-chain challenges.

2. Freight Forwarding Negotiations

We leveraged our network and expertise to establish a long-term partnership with a reliable freight forwarder and negotiate better rates with shipping carriers, reduce freight costs and ensure a consistent service.

3. Tailored Transport Solution

Finally we implemented a unique transport solution designed to meet the Client's unique requirements, enhancing cost-efficiency and delivery schedules avoiding the costly repercussions of supply chain disruptions.

Our Solution

Negotiation on freight forwarding rates achieved substantial cost savings of $800 per container for our Client. This reduction in shipping costs allowed them to allocate resources more effectively and improve overall profitability.

Our custom transport solution not only reduced costs but also optimised the Client’s entire supply chain. The improved efficiency meant fewer disruptions helping them to better meet demand and maintain high service standards.

The Result

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